World Cup!

It’s a month full of soccer action. Where are you watching from? My guess is, less are in Russia and more are at home. Anyway, myself am watching indoors. My friends have not started bothering me yet. But that’s the norm anyway. Actually starting the second round of World Cup, I will be watching the games away from home.

I know any place has a good place to relax. I’m thinking of getting a good place to watch the action as it intensifies. What about you? Are you in Russia, or where do you watch it? At home or away from home?

Hells Gate

Hells Gate

Hells gate is one of the most remarkable place to visit in Naivasha. Visitors come here to see what “Hells Gate” is all about and it’s speculations. One of the amusing thing that I do like to point is the Gorges. The Gorges here form spectacular view from below and above. Isn’t this an awesome place for photos? Just look at the layers. Hells Gate gorge.JPG

You can also read more of Hells Gate.


Mt Longonot is one of the best hiking places. Visiting Naivasha will give the previlege to get to the top of this volcano mountain. You will get to go round the crater viewing the flower farm below together with Lake Naivasha. It’s a good place to be.


Roses are redViolets are blue, Sugar is sweet. And so are you.”  I bet you’ve heard of the phrase. Well, it’s among the lines mostly used during the Valentine period. Are we approaching Valentine’s? Ooh NO! Just saying.

Today, let’s talk of Roses. Not all roses are Red, actually there are lots of other colors which are more pleasing than than the red ones. Mmmm! Persons living in Naivasha know what am talking about. Most of you it’s my guess that you’ve never come across roses of other colors other than the red and white ones. It’s good to travel and I do encourage everyone around to visit our own Town. We have a lot that will surprise you.

Featured is one of my favorite ROSE variety(PATZ). Do you like it?


Last weekend I saw a couple of young guys around the shores. I could tell they were not from within. I went and kept them company for a while. I realized they were from the near towns; Nairobi are Nakuru. Actually the two towns are apart and Naivasha acting as the central point. The distance from Naivasha to any of the town is approximately the same. I also got a chance to ask what made them visit Naivasha. Well, I got a lot of response, but one of it got my attention! We all have reasons, but this was awesome. The guys says to me,” I can’t miss feeling what our Members of Parliament feel when they visit Naivasha every time.

Maybe I should also encourage you to get a piece of this pie……