It has been a tough time during these two years we have stayed with the pandemic. We used to have fun and go out whenever we felt like. Times were good and we could cheer up with either friends or family members. However, it was not all a walk in the park as many would attest. There were ups and downs, just like a normal day. There were issues all over about crime and fraud. This is something we can related. There are people, and more perhaps our friends who have fallen victims of identity crime. It is not a joke to go through such experience. But we still strive under this pandemic. Hoping all shall be well.

Corona Virus , Covid-19

There is no need to panic like I said the other day. As DaudiNet, we say, “..what today holds, neither is it for tomorrow.” Many pandemics have destroyed our thinking but we have a record of coming back much alive.

What is unique with Corona Virus or in other words Covid 19?

The world has been hit by a pandemic nearly every century. However, the uniqueness of Covid 19 is that, it has attacked when the world is much developed.

The health systems of many countries are much equiped to fight deadly diseases.

My hope is, we are going to defeat this killer very soon. We should engage ourselves in prayers and following of government instructions.

We as DaudiNet team wish you all the very best as you stay at home. Please remember to wash your hands and observe social distancing.šŸ˜Š


Dealing With Pandemics!

We have witnessed a lot in few months. Many have passed and still there is much to happen. We are still struggling all around the world. This should not be the time of panic until we lose track.

We have to stay strong in this hard times. In addition to this, we also should stay united. There should also be restricted movements and we get discipline with it.

Is it right to obey?

Obeying government procedures is important for every citizen. Many who are currently suffering with this Covid-19 has a higher likely of having disobeyed the government instructions.

Stay Safe!

We should all stay safe and at home. Let us be disciplined. It is for a short while. This virus is not going to spread if we stay home.


Let us stay at home and observe the rules. Corona Virus is real. If you are not clear on this, look at the statistics. Covid-19 is not a joke. This is a serious pandemic!

World Cup!

It’s a month full of soccer action. Where are you watching from? My guess is, less are in Russia and more are at home. Anyway, myself am watching indoors. My friends have not started bothering me yet. But that’s the norm anyway. Actually starting the second round of World Cup, I will be watching the games away from home.

I know any place has a good place to relax. I’m thinking of getting a good place to watch the action as it intensifies. What about you? Are you in Russia, or where do you watch it? At home or away from home?

Hells Gate

Hells gate is one of the most remarkable place to visit in Naivasha. Visitors comeĀ here to see what “Hells Gate” is all about and it’s speculations. One of the amusing thing that I do like to point is the Gorges. The Gorges here form spectacular view from below and above. Isn’t this an awesome place for photos? Just look at the layers.Ā Hells Gate gorge.JPG

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